New Youth Music Supported Project

We are pleased to announce the start of a new Youth Music supported project, split between Evelina London and Broomfield Hospital Chelmsford. The project will see us deliver 60 days of delivery between September and July, as well as undertaking crucial skills development for our musicians. At Broomfield Hospital we will be working across Phoenix, Wizard, Childrens A&E, Children's Outpatients and Children's Burns. At Evelina London we will be working on Savannah, Mountain, Snow Leopard, Paediatric Dentistry and their PICU. Alongside continuing our work on these wards we will be trialling work in the hospital's Neo-Natal Intensive Care Units, with a view to expanding our work into this area. 

We are hugely grateful to our supporters across these projects: Youth Music, Essex Music Education Hub, Friends Of Broomfield Hospital and Breathe AHR. Thank You.