Our vision is to see live music in every hospital, hospice and care home in the UK.

Pulse Arts was formed in September 2015 by David Mckenny and Joe Danks after completing the OPUS Music CIC's Music In Healthcare Settings Apprenticeship in East Midlands Hospitals.

We are professional musicians with a specialism in Music in Health who believe the offer of music to patients, family members and staff can have a positive impact on wellbeing.

We work with a range of partners, including NHS trusts, hospital charities, local authorities, music hubs and arts funders to develop long-term programmes in healthcare settings.  We integrate music into the patient experience to cultivate a 'culture of music'. We develop positive and professional relationships with hospital staff and respond sensitively to challenging situations, often being asked by staff and parents to play whilst they are carrying our medical procedures.

Pulse Arts aims to further the field of Music in Healthcare and in 2017 began work developing a CPD offer for musicians and medical professionals. We will be delivering our first courses in 2018. We are committed to thorough evaluation of our work and contributing to the body of research that advocates for access to music and the arts for all people under medical care. 

β€œAll of our patients enjoy music with Dave and Joe. They are enthusiastic and engaging with patients and really make time on the ward more enjoyable and less daunting. Alongside the patients, we as staff nurses and healthcare professionals find the sessions very relaxing and motivational. Thank You.”
— Staff Nurse, Great Ormond Street Hospital